The Cost of Creative

Our goal is to create a truly unique space that reflects your lifestyle and personality. This requires spending time with you to learn about how you plan to interact in the space, a proper site evaluation and ample time crafting the landscape design. We believe in strong relationships with our clients and value the same commitment in return. Trust us, there is a difference between designs you get for free and design that you pay for. Read on to learn about the Diggable process.

The Process

First Meeting

Our designer meets with you to discuss project goals, on site inspiration, budget and installation timeline. If you think our team is a good fit for your project, we review and sign a design agreement.


A conceptual plan is drafted which demonstrates the intention of different spaces. The design vision and project goals begin to align and define a working budget. This is your chance to review and comment on the design aspects you like and those you’d like to change. We don’t move forward to the next stage until all parties are satisfied.


The concept plan is used as a framework for the final design. Ideas are rounded out, plants are chosen and materials specified. The budget is hardened into a proposal for installation. We are now ready to talk construction timeline and get your project installed.



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